Cigna Singapore clinched 2 Awards at Employee Experience Awards 2021
July 2021   COMPANY NEWS

Cigna Singapore clinched 2 Awards at Employee Experience Awards 2021

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Cigna Singapore is humbled and honoured to have clinched 2 Awards at the Employee Experience Awards 2021, organised by Human Resources Online. 

The awards was by a panel of esteemed HR leaders from different industries across various markets and regions. This year, the panel includes senior HR leaders from brands such as BHG Singapore, Boston Scientific Asia Pacific, Estée Lauder Travel Retailing, Gojek, Kimberly Clark Asia Pacific, Luxasia, Millennium Hotels & Resorts, Prudential Singapore and many more.

To celebrate and honour the HR’s commitment to workplace transformation, the key focus for the Employee Experience Awards is deeply rooted in the three pillars that are cornerstones for a positive employee experience (EX): leadership, learning and employee engagement.

Cigna Singapore is proud to be recognised for its efforts and have excelled in the following 2 categories:

  • Best In-House Learning Academy (Bronze)

At Cigna, we care about improving the health, wellbeing and peace of mind of those we serve - including our employees. Challenging the status quo of top-down approach and plans can be too general and rigid to cater to the needs of individual employees. This, in turn, might reduce the employees' interests in self-learning and remove a key factor of sustainable growth - personal agency. To tackle this, Cigna have since pivoted our goal towards encouraging self-motivated and self-initiated learning by putting more emphasis on personalised goal-setting. 

With Cigna University, a one-stop-shop for our employees’ learning needs, regardless of their individual developmental goals may be, it allows employees with a tailor-made learning experience. Employees get to identify their topics of interest, rate existing skill sets, and set personalised goals. As part of a holistic learning experience without restrictions, we also provide external resources beyond Cigna’s own to have the support they need to break boundaries with access to millions of courses, videos, books, and more.

  • Best In-House Career Website (Bronze)

Cigna's in-house career portal, Iris, was launched to streamline communications with our employees for career-related matters. While it was initially introduced as a passive job posting site, it has since been improved and updated to carry out 6 main objectives:

  1. Provide self-help services for career development
  2. Provide guidance in the identification of career goals
  3. Help employees in their journey to achieve personal career objectives
  4. Utilise Cigna’s ‘Connect for Growth’ framework to promote continuous, community-driven learning
  5. Provide additional job listings for an updated view of the job market
  6. Allow employees to explore potential opportunities for relocation

Iris is second to none as it is also focused on making career development an integrated, community-driven effort. We believe that effective growth does not solely come from individual efforts; our environment and peers also play an equally important role. As such, our management team checks in regularly with their team members to supplement Iris’s capabilities and provide in-person support. This is done right from the get-go, beginning from every employee’s first day of work at Cigna and continues with the setting of individual, yearly growth goals.

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