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What is Group Health Insurance

Get true peace of mind with Cigna Singapore’s comprehensive group health insurance plans for both globally mobile workforces and local employees.

Here’s what you need to know

Group health insurance typically refers to company sponsored health insurance offered by an employer to its employees. Other organisations, like alumni groups and associations, can also use a group insurance scheme to provide coverage for their members. The term is often used interchangeably with company health insurance, group insurance, group medical insurance and group health plan but usually carries the same meaning.

About Group Health Insurance

For group health insurance plans, a group insurance policy is agreed on and issued. Similar to an individual health insurance plan, this sets out the terms, conditions, inclusions, exclusions and coverage for every member of the group. Once the group health insurance policy is in force, members of the group can make use of the benefits included in the plan, which can include subsidised medical fees, health screening and more.

Healthcare and medical benefits now commonly form part of a comprehensive and competitive Total Rewards package that employers use to attract and retain the right talent for their company. Research has also shown that caring for employees’ health and wellness can increase performance and productivity, which creates a strong business case for investing in group health insurance.

For employees, group health insurance can be attractive for various reasons. In some cases, employers absorb the full cost of the premium, which equates to healthcare benefits at no cost to the employee. Employees who have their own individual health insurance would also benefit from the added coverage.

The key difference lies in the flexibility of coverage as group health insurance plans cannot be tailored to the specific needs of each member. However, as group health insurance plans do not require each employee to submit medical documents, it may cover conditions that individual health insurance plans tend to exclude.

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Every life is important, so we believe that no company can be too small for group health insurance. We have designed our group health insurance plans to meet your needs, with plans for start-ups with 2 to 19 employees, small businesses and SMEs with 20 to 149 employees, and MNCs with 150 and more employees.

We believe in customising our plans to best fit the needs of our customers. Broadly, our group health insurance plans are structured to provide global health benefits for companies with expatriate hires and frequent business travellers, as well as local health benefits for companies with local employees. If you would like our consultants to customise a group health insurance plan for your organisation, please contact us.

While group health insurance usually comes under the purview of the HR department, our solutions are designed to be simple, easy and efficient to manage and administer. Our customers and their employees use our Cigna Care Connect mobile app or Cigna Envoy online portal and mobile app to quickly and conveniently manage their company health plans, from submitting paper-less claims to tracking usage and more.

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Group health insurance benefits both employers and employees

In Singapore, while employers are not required to provide health insurance to employees, with the exception of Work Permit and S Pass holders, many choose to do as a form of employment benefit.

Group health insurance in the palm of your hands

With our online portals and mobile apps, managing your health and medical insurance plans is easier, faster and more convenient. Leave messy paper records behind and enjoy fully secure, on-the-go access to your Cigna Singapore health insurance plans.

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