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Health Insurance for Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs

Cigna Singapore makes it easy, efficient and affordable for you to care for your employees.

Caring for employees' health and wellbeing

For many start-ups, the talent challenge is real. Your ability to find, hire and keep the right people has a direct impact on the growth and success of your business. The most successful start-ups have a culture that puts their people front and centre. This means caring for their health, wellness and wellbeing - and group health insurance can help.

Quality care

Your employees' health, wellbeing and morale, especially in a fast-paced start-up environment, can weigh on your bottom-line.

No start-up is too small for medical insurance

The moment you begin hiring for your start-up, you take on a duty of care to your employees. To support you on this journey, we have developed a simple and flexible group health insurance plan specifically to cater to the needs of start-ups with 2 to 19 employees.

Cigna Care Connect health insurance plan for start-ups (2-19 employees)

Supporting Employers

  • Flexible plan design with inpatient coverage (core) and optional modules for outpatient, maternity, preventive care and dental coverage

  • Easy administration with a dedicated employer’s online portal

  • Effective monitoring of employee claims and fraud investigation

  • Value-added employer services such as health and wellbeing programmes for your employees

Caring for Employees

  • Convenient access to care with over 800 panel doctors in our network, quick access to private medical specialists, and end-to-end inpatient

  • Hassle-free, cashless payment with direct billing facilitated via the Cigna membership card and paperless claim submission via the online portal or mobile app

  • Telehealth services via Cigna Virtual Clinic

Get a quote today

Speak to our consultants about your start-up’s health insurance needs and let us design a plan that’s right for you.

We'll journey with you

As your start-up grows, your health insurance needs will become more sophisticated. We’re ready to grow alongside you with the right health insurance plan at every stage of your growth.

Easy administration with the Cigna Care Connect app

Managing health insurance for members is now much easier with the Cigna Care Connect mobile app. Our secure, one-stop digital platform provides instant benefits and access by placing common tasks in the palm of your hands.

For Employers / Administrators

  • View member and dependent details

  • Run membership reports and policy agreements

  • View policy benefits

  • Update employee records

  • Manage memberships and plan usage

For Employees

  • Submit and track claims anytime, anywhere

  • Access and print personal e-cards

  • Upload paperless claim documents

  • Apply for Guarantee of Payment

  • Keep track of annual limit balances

  • Locate healthcare providers in the vicinity using the clinic locator

  • Schedule appointments with specialists

  • Contact Cigna for 24/7 customer support

Your frequently asked questions

It is common practice to offer group health insurance as part of a caring and competitive Total Rewards package, as most organisations recognise the link between employee well-being and job performance. Medical insurance is required for the employment of work permit and S Pass holders.

If you’re a solo entrepreneur without any employees at the moment, we recommend our individual health insurance plan. When you start hiring, you can opt for our group health insurance plan for start-ups to provide your employees with coverage.

Group health insurance usually comes under the purview of the HR department. However, our solutions are designed to be simple, easy and efficient to manage and administer. Our customers and their employees use our Cigna Care Connect online portal and mobile app to quickly and conveniently manage their company health plans, from submitting paper-less claims to tracking usage and more.

Check out our full FAQs or contact us for assistance.

This policy is protected under the Policy Owners' Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Coverage for your policy is automatic and no further action is required from you. For more information on the types of benefits that are covered under the scheme as well as the limits of the coverage, where applicable, please contact us or visit the General Insurance Association (GIA) or SDIC websites ( or

You may wish to seek advice from a qualified adviser before making a commitment to purchase this product. In the event that you choose not to seek advice from a qualified adviser, you should consider whether the product in question is suitable for you. Buying health insurance products that are not suitable for you may impact your ability to finance your future healthcare needs. If you decide that the policy is not suitable after purchasing it, you may terminate the policy in accordance with the free-look provision, if any, and we may recover from you any expense incurred by us in underwriting the policy.