Celebrating 2 wins at the 2022 HR Vendors of the Year Awards
December 2022   COMPANY NEWS

Celebrating 2 wins at the 2022 HR Vendors of the Year Awards

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Organised by Human Resources Online, the HR Vendors of the Year awards is an annual event and platform that is dedicated to recognising trailblazers that have gone above and beyond to empower HR teams in various industries.

This year, Cigna Singapore is honoured to have been recognised by our peers and the appointed panel judges consisting of distinguished senior HR practitioners from established multinational corporations across a wide range of industries.

We are thrilled to announce that our accolades span across 2 main categories - Best Corporate Healthcare Provider and Best Employee Insurance Provider.

Best Corporate Healthcare Provider (Bronze)

Cigna Singapore aspires to be the go-to health services company in Singapore in our journey to deliver greater value to our clients and even better health outcomes to their employees. To us, this includes coming up with innovative, cost-efficient solutions capable of treating employees with speed and precision so that they have the support they need to reduce absenteeism and boost productivity:

  • Cigna Virtual Clinic (CVC) - A healthcare mobile app that allows employees to access quality medical care on-demand via 24/7 doctor video consultations, 3-hour doorstep medication delivery, home-based services, wellness consultations, and more
  • Case Management - Often praised as the human touchpoints of care, our Case Managers guide employees through their personal care journeys by coordinating access to care, recommending service and funding alternatives, and monitoring progress for health goals to help them achieve the best possible health outcomes

Healthcare done right is more than just reacting to medical concerns. Our care solutions are thoughtfully designed with this in mind to promote better health outcomes via both preventative care and clinical intervention.

Best Employee Insurance Provider (Bronze)

Our mission here at Cigna Singapore is to provide simple, affordable, and predictable care through personalised solutions that advance Whole Person Health. One of the primary and most important ways that we achieve this is by prioritising the unique needs and goals of each client through customisable products that can be tailor-made for their employees. Our leading group health insurance products, including CignaPrime℠ and Cigna Care Connect℠, are therefore built with the following aspects to translate our beliefs into tangible benefits:

  • Tailor-made and personalised benefits - Modular and customisable products that cater to the medical coverage and employee healthcare needs of organisations of all sizes, starting from just two employees
  • Extensive access to care - We work with an extensive network of health and medical providers to provide employees with easy access to private medical specialists and end-to-end inpatient services
  • Convenient billing and transactions - Direct billing facilities and cashless transactions available within Cigna’s wide provider network ensure that employees can always access the care they need without having to worry about the financial aspects involved
  • Innovative digital solutions - Proactive, cutting-edge care solutions and technology are available with our products to prioritise each employee’s care experience and empower them to achieve better, sustainable health outcomes

Experience the Cigna difference

Take a look at what our CEO and Country Manager, Raymond Ng, has to say about what sets Cigna Singapore apart, our most high-impact initiative of late, and what you can expect from us from here on out:


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