Cigna Healthcare Vitality Study 2023 - Singapore Edition

Cigna Healthcare Vitality Study 2023 - Singapore Edition

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Vitality Study 2023 Singapore Edition

The concept of health has evolved significantly over the past years. Once considered solely a reflection of physical health, it has now become a broader term that covers body and soul, including everything from mental health to work and family life.

As global well-being continues to take a toll in the face of ongoing macroeconomic uncertainty, the majority of workers in Singapore want more support from their employers to lead a healthier life. Our latest research also finds above-average stress levels hindering overall health in the nation.

The Cigna Healthcare 2023 Vitality Study – Singapore Edition is based on a global survey of 10,800 respondents in 12 markets, including 1,000 in Singapore, across eight key aspects of vitality – emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social and spiritual.

Vitality Study 2023 Singapore Edition – Dr. Soo Quote

Environmental and intellectual health highly valued in Singapore

Globally, one in five of respondents displayed a high level of vitality but there are major differences between markets. In Singapore, for example, only 10% reported high levels of vitality – lower than the Asia Pacific average of 14%.

When asked to rank how well they are doing across various aspects of vitality, the top indicators were prioritization of physical health (38%), having a place where they feel safe and well (38%), learning new things (37%), reflecting the importance of elements beyond common notions of health, like environmental and intellectual health.

Top Vitality indicators in Singapore

However, while most respondents expressed a preference to prioritize their physical health, only 30% said they have the skills and tools necessary to live a healthy life. This gap signals the need for employers and policymakers to better equip people with appropriate resources to stay healthy.

Connection between vitality and stress

Even though the ability to manage one’s emotions was ranked fourth, emotional or mental health remains the most important indicator of overall vitality. When asked to rate their mental well-being, respondents diverged greatly between those with high and low vitality scores.

83% of those with high vitality said they have strong mental well-being as compared to only 8% of those in the low vitality group. Those with low vitality also tend to be more stressed (93%) compared to those with high vitality (77%). Stress levels in Singapore remain high, with 87% of people expressing that they experience stress in this year’s study, significantly more than the global average (80%).

Top causes of stress in Singapore

The cost-of-living crisis is a major driver of stress, with six in 10 (60%) respondents listing it as a key source of stress, followed by uncertainty about the future (41%) and personal finance (40%).

Beyond the conventional wellness – the employer opportunity

There continues to be a clear role for employers when it comes to providing employees with support and stability amid continued economic uncertainty. With as many as 67% expressing that inflation is making it too expensive to stay healthy, 61% said that they wish they had more support from their employer to live a healthier life.

When asked their top three preferences in terms of a robust health and well-being program, most expressed flexible time off or work arrangements (66%), followed by a private health insurance plan (63%) and mental health support (34%).

Raymond Ng, CEO & Country Manager, Cigna Healthcare Singapore & Australia said: “In this era of persistent economic uncertainty and evolving work-life dynamics, the challenge for employers and society is not merely adapting to this shift but embracing it as an opportunity to redefine our commitment to our greatest asset – our people.”

“It is imperative that employers offer holistic support that address the full spectrum of employee vitality and regard this as a key part of organizational strategy. Only then can we foster an environment where every employee can thrive and contribute their best every day.”

Raymond Ng, Quote

About the Cigna Healthcare Vitality Study

The Cigna Healthcare Vitality Study surveyed 10,800 respondents in the US, UK, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Kenya, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Singapore, and the Hong Kong SAR between May and June 2023.

The survey asked 35 questions to gauge respondents’ sense of social, occupational, financial, intellectual, physical, spiritual, emotional, and environmental well-being – providing Cigna Healthcare with a comprehensive picture of people’s ability to thrive in an organizational setting and to pursue life with health, strength, and energy.

The study was based on the Evernorth Vitality Index©, developed in partnership with leading clinical psychologist and author Dr. Richard Ryan using his Self-Determination Theory and Subjective Vitality Scales (SVS). The index measures eight dimensions of well-being as well as three components of the SVS.

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