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The recent pandemic has stretched the healthcare systems of many countries to the limit. There is a greater need to properly screen and prioritise cases to efficiently utilise our limited healthcare resources. As we closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognise that our mission to protect the health, well-being and peace of mind of those we serve has never been more relevant. We understand that now more than ever, people may be concerned about their health and access to quality healthcare when they need it.


In view of the current situation in Singapore, the government has also tightened the social distancing measurements. We understand that many of our members are worried about their health during these difficult times, especially when visiting a crowded clinic. As a global healthcare partner, we know our support to our members is crucial. Cigna Virtual Clinic has partnered with Doctor Anywhere to launch a new telehealth initiative, free COVID-19 Doctor’s Advisory Service1 to our members2 , to help identify COVID-19 signs and symptoms within minutes and escalate suspected cases for further medical assistance.

Our aim is to keep our members protected no matter where they are. The free COVID-19 Doctor’s Advisory Service is not only available to Singapore-based members but also open to members who are insured under Cigna Singapore but residing in other parts of the world.

All members of Cigna Singapore (Cigna Global Employee Benefits Plan and Cigna Care Connect), regardless of where they are based, are now able to access a free COVID-19 advisory service. Members can video call a doctor to clarify any questions related to COVID-19, such as risk factors and identifying signs and symptoms. The doctor can provide members with the necessary advice and precautionary next steps by writing a memo.

In Singapore, members can speak to a licensed doctor on demand anytime, anywhere, to get a medical assessment of their risk of infection based on their symptoms and travel history. If the doctor suspects an infection, the local Care Team will assist to coordinate next steps, including calling an ambulance to transport the member from home to Singapore’s National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) for a COVID-19 swab test. If the doctor assesses that it is not a suspected case, medication can be prescribed to ease symptoms, which will be delivered to the member’s home within 3 hours.

In Thailand and Vietnam, the local Doctor Anywhere teams can also provide assistance to connect the member to the appropriate healthcare authorities to receive further medical attention.

In addition, for members located in Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, they can also choose to proceed with medication prescription and delivery service3 after the COVID-19 advisory service if their insurance plan covers outpatient benefits.

For more information, please reach out to our Cigna Singapore team.


Do you know what our telehealth service, Cigna Virtual Clinic, is?

Telemedicine, telehealth and seeing a ‘virtual doctor’ is a modern concept for many of us.

A virtual doctor is simply the name of a real life, physical doctor who you can contact via a telephone or video call. Telehealth is increasingly becoming a tool for convenient and quality medical care. Today’s connected patient wants to waste less time in the waiting room at the doctor, and get immediate care for minor but urgent conditions when they need it.


Terms & Condition:
COVID-19 Doctor’s Advisory Service is provided by Doctor Anywhere, a free service sponsored by Cigna Singapore. Valid until 31st July 2020, Cigna Singapore reserves the right for changes without giving any prior notice to its members. 
2 The service is available to Cigna Global Employee Benefits Plan and Cigna Care Connect Plan issued by Cigna Singapore.
3 Apart from the COVID-19 Doctor's Advisory Service, Doctor Anywhere provides Telemedicine services which include general tele-consultation, prescription and medication delivery in Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Members may use the Telemedicine services at their own discretion. Out-of-pocket payment is required for (i) general tele-consultation, prescription and medication delivery, and (ii) prescription and medication delivery, if required following the COVID-19 Doctor's Advisory Service. Receipt of the Telemedicine services provided is available in-app. Members of Cigna Singapore may submit claims via the Cigna Envoy portal or Cigna Care Connect portal (whichever applicable) for reimbursement of claims; coverage and claims adjudication is subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. For avoidance of doubt, delivery charges, if any, will not be covered by Cigna Singapore.


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