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Employee Healthcare and Wellness Programme

Caring for you and your employees’ wellbeing beyond the duty of care.

Holistic approach to employee healthcare

When talent is your business’s most valuable asset, safeguarding the physical and emotional health of your employees becomes more than an obligation — it becomes a strategic priority. Your employees’ Whole Person Health, from their physical wellbeing to mental wellness, affects how they work. By adopting a holistic approach to employee wellbeing and healthcare, you’re helping to raise productivity and morale, and lower absenteeism and attrition for your business.

Caring for your employee’s wellbeing

At Cigna Singapore, we share your commitment to caring for your employee’s wellbeing. We believe that wellbeing is defined on five pillars: physical, financial, workplace, social and family wellness. This guides our 360° wellbeing approach as we support you and your employees on the journey to better healthcare, wellness and peace of mind.

Our 360° wellbeing solutions are designed to support your employees’ Whole Person Health every step of the way, from preventive care and wellness, to clinical care and intervention, and the effective self-management of chronic conditions.

There is no "one size fits all" solution in wellness. We believe that an effective programme needs to be data driven for it to cater to the unique needs and demographics of your company.

At Cigna Singapore, we aim to customise an all-rounded programme that is engaging, applicable, and outcome driven for your employees.

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Preventive and wellness programmes

The adage, 'prevention is better than cure', is an old wisdom that continues to ring true today, especially since many common ailments are the direct result of lifestyle choices. At Cigna Singapore, our definition of 'health and wellness' extends beyond the physical to embrace the emotional health of your employees. Here are some ways in which we do it:

  • Active health screening to detect and diagnose health conditions earlier, rather than later, so as to improve treatment outcomes and support a better quality of life.

  • Mental wellness provide confidential, professional counselling on any issue that may have an adverse impact on your employees' stress, emotional wellbeing and job performance.

  • Better Health programme with professional lifestyle, diet and exercise guidance to inspire, motivate and equip your employees to take charge of their own health and wellbeing.

  • Wellness Day initiatives where we create a fun and educational experience for our customers and their employees to learn about healthy living.

  • Women's and Men's Wellness programmes targeting gender-specific health issues by raising awareness, empowering self-management, and providing personalised care

  • Musculoskeletal Wellness focusing on ergonomically designed workplaces while also equipping employees with tips and knowledge on how to minimise the risk of discomfort or injury.

Benefits of wellness programmes for employers

A well rounded programme should effectively promote a healthier workforce, with reduced absenteeism, presentism and burn outs. Employers that actively promote wellness will also see cost efficiency in their health care spend and improvement of retention rate.

Benefits of wellness programmes for employees

Your organisation’s willingness to invest in a wellness programme can have a powerful effect on employees: they feel cared for. Employees who respond well to the programmes are also more likely to adopt better behaviours that would lead to a healthier mind and body as well as lower stress levels. 

Clinical care and intervention

When clinical care is required, we are here for you and your employees. In addition to our extensive network of over 800 panel doctors located islandwide, we offer telehealth services via Cigna Virtual Clinic. This enables your employees to connect to locally-licenced doctors online and around the clock for video consultations. Prescribed medication for common, non-urgent conditions will be packaged and safely delivered to your doorstep within 3 hours, available 24/7/365!

Our clinical care services include:

  • Cigna Virtual Clinic, a telehealth solution that utilises technology to deliver quality, non-urgent medical care to your employees, wherever and whenever it is needed.

  • Musculoskeletal health care programme that streamlines the care experience, reducing hassle and improving care quality for common back, neck and knee problems that are particularly prevalent among office-based workers.

  • Mental health care programme that guides employees through a learning journey to understand and better cope better with stressors. This includes appropriate care, therapy and treatment without the fear of social stigma.

  • Chronic disease management programme that delivers personalised care to those with lifestyle ailments. Our integrated care solutions help to encourage positive and sustainable lifestyle changes in employees for the better management of long-term conditions.

  • Case management with professional case managers assisting customers in every step of the care journey. With guidance through the complex decision and care processes, we help ensure a smooth seamless experience.

Sharing our wealth of knowledge about good health

A well-rounded programme should effectively promote a healthier workforce, with reduced absenteeism, presentism and burnouts. We believe that employers who actively promote wellness will also enjoy cost efficiency in their healthcare spend.
At Cigna Singapore, we strive to be more than just a globally recognised health insurance provider; we aspire to be your trusted health and wellness partner. In addition to our plans and programmes, we are here to support you with useful articles, healthcare knowledge, tips and ideas.

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