Cigna Singapore wins at Insurance Asia Awards 2021
July 2021   COMPANY NEWS

Cigna Singapore wins at Insurance Asia Awards 2021

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Cigna Singapore's Musculoskeletal (MSK) Care Programme was awarded the Integrated Insurance Product of the Year at the Insurance Asia Awards 2021, organised by Charlton Media Group. 

MSK diseases account for the greatest proportion of non-cancer persistent pain conditions globally, with approximately 73% of Singapore’s working adults experiencing pain in at least one body part. With these concerning data, Cigna Singapore team partnered with Cigna’s APAC clinical leaders, Clinical Operations teams, and the Cigna International Markets Data & Analytics team to bring together varying viewpoints and expertise to innovate and enhance Cigna Singapore’s MSK care capabilities in the following ways:

  • Convenience: A one-stop solution with cashless facility
  • Improved health outcomes: Personalised, guided and streamlined care journey that reduces care duplication and is easier to navigate the right care
  • Cost containment: Reduction of claims and healthcare spending within Cigna’s selected provider
  • Informed decision-making: Improved understanding of personal health conditions, benefits, treatments, progress and self-care via assigned Case Managers

The MSK Care Programme integrates personalised and curated care with data-driven framework by leveraging on predictive modelling to identify members with a high risk of undergoing MSK-related surgery as early as possible, so that our clinical teams can proactively guide them towards better clinical outcomes. The programme’s effectiveness is being assessed across 3 key areas to ensure that we are agile for future improvements. They are:

  • Affordability: Total claim spend, average number of treatment sessions and claims
  • Member Satisfaction: Overall engagement rate and Net Promoter Score
  • Operational Expense: Total man-hours spent for administrative and outreach efforts

Despite being in its early stages, the programme has already garnered good reviews from participating members and providers. Besides an encouraging take-up and engagement rate, with an above-average initial Net Promoter Score, participants have further indicate that they would continue with the programme and even recommend it to others. 

The MSK Care Programme is an initiative which we are embarking on to learn and grow from to ensure we bring better clinical experience to our members. At Cigna, we are dedicated to creating a comprehensive care ecosystem that is capable of promoting greater health awareness, better clinical outcomes and self-care management to our members, while also allowing us to enhance our clinical operations and provider relationships. 

Since 2016, the Insurance Asia Awards gathers leading Insurance companies and honour their exceptional initiatives and solutions. As the industry is challenged by the changes in customer demands and the digital transformation, more insurance businesses commit to a customer-focused mindset to tap new value and revenue streams. With the Insurance boom in Asia Pacific, companies are being driven to be more innovative and to better engage with their clientele.

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