15 Dec 2021

Cigna Singapore has come a long way since we established our sales office here a decade ago. Through the years, we have continued to push the envelope, both in healthcare and innovation. We aspire to be more than an international medical insurance company. We want to build meaningful relationships with our customers and ensure they achieve better health outcomes through high quality products and services.

Crafting virtual solutions

This vision has inspired us to innovate and expand our care paths. In 2019, we launched Cigna Virtual Clinic (CVC) in collaboration with one of our partners. We understand that some of our customers might not be able to consult their clinicians in person. With CVC — a telehealth solution — members with similar difficulties are able to seek treatment or interact with their doctors by communicating virtually. Waiting times are further reduced as well. The average waiting time is now less than 5 minutes during peak hours; significantly shorter than the wait at clinics.1

“I like that the waiting time is short with CVC and I can consult my doctor from the comfort of my home. You get a sense that everything happened almost instantaneously,” says Leonard Tan, a member of Cigna Singapore. The added convenience of telemedicine means a lot to Mr Tan too. “I also learned that my medication can be delivered to my home, which is super convenient,” he adds. In this age of COVID-19 where social distancing is advised, telehealth solutions may prove to be a viable alternative to physical consultations.

Pushing the technology envelope

Preventive care is another important aspect of our programmes. Musculoskeletal (MSK) diseases, for example, are responsible for the majority of persistent pain conditions worldwide. In Singapore, approximately 1 in 4 working adults experience pain in some part of their body.2 To enhance our MSK care capabilities, we partnered with clinical leaders in the region and to develop the award-winning MSK Care Programme.

In a nutshell, the MSK Care Programme is an integrated health solution which combines both personalised care and a data-driven framework. This framework leverages on predictive modelling to pre-emptively identify members who are at risk of undergoing MSK-related surgery. Early prognosis will enable our clinical teams to guide members to better clinical results through a streamlined and personalised care journey.

This journey starts with the very first claim. Using a machine learning model, we are able to single out members who made their first MSK-related claim.3 By studying the first 15 days of claims data, our algorithms are able to predict risk levels and the likelihood of members requiring a MSK surgery in the next year. We are able to then reach out to high-risk members and manage their conditions via non-pharmacological ways before their condition deteriorates.

With this one-stop solution, made all the more convenient with a cashless feature, the MSK Care Programme is similarly designed to minimise care duplication and help members reduce costs through fewer claims made across different providers. Through the use of data, we want our members to make better informed decisions and improve their understanding on personal health conditions, treatment and self-care with the help of assigned case managers.

To ensure we remain agile for future improvements, we are monitoring the programme’s effectiveness in three main areas: affordability, satisfaction and operational expense. This includes assessing members’ claims and number of treatment sessions required. We’ll also be monitoring customer satisfaction and take-up rate. Lastly, Cigna Singapore will be reviewing our administrative and outreach efforts.

Caring for our members

The road to recovery varies from individual to individual. This is echoed by Shirlyn Siow, one of our clinical case managers, as she shares her experience in working with customers who require varying assistance. “There are certainly members who only require short-term support for an acute condition. But the journey definitely does not end here. As a point-of-contact for these members, they still do reach out to us for other medical conditions that they require support for along the way,” she says.

For members who require long-term care, Shirlyn, like the rest of her peers, makes it a point to check in to find out if they need help or advice. “Medical conditions like cancer or heart disease require long-term follow up and we are here to provide advice and offer any additional support that they need,” she adds.

Across all of our programmes and initiatives, we want to learn and grow to provide a better clinical experience to all. By leveraging the latest technologies, we will continue to expand and innovate our care solutions to accomplish better health outcomes while enhancing our operations and relationships.




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