Championing 10 years of world-class care.

Together - Cigna

Cigna Singapore
turns 10 this year

We have achieved this important milestone because of the trust that our clients have placed in us; our partners who work to bring the best health solutions; and our employees who ensure Cigna supports our clients and partners every step of the way. So here’s a warm and heartfelt “Thank You” for all your valuable contributions on this fulfilling journey throughout the past decade. Stay tuned to find out what we have planned for you.

Here’s to more fulfilling years of growing together as one.

Cigna Singapore
2011 – 2021 milestones


“Celebrating 10 years of Cigna Singapore is all about our employees, partners and customers. I am grateful for our employees’ dedication, our partners’ support and our customers’ trust in our service commitment. Let us build on this foundation of positivity and solidarity as we continue to drive the business forward. Happy 10th everyone!”

Raymond Ng
CEO and Country Manager,
Cigna Singapore

Raymond Ng, CEO and Country Manager, Cigna Singapore

Best Corporate Wellness Provider and Best Corporate Healthcare Provider by HR Vendors of the Year 2020

These awards mark an important recognition for us. They reflect our focus on providing quality health and wellness solutions to our clients, and we sincerely appreciate the support and trust from our clients and partners. We will ensure that we continue to stay ahead of the curve to design the right care for them.

Best Corporate Wellness Provider

Best Corporate Wellness Provider


Best Corporate Healthcare Provider

Best Corporate Healthcare Provider